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Amman or Rabbath-Ammon; the ancient capital of the Ammonite Kingdom. Later on was famous as Philadelphia during the Greaco-Roman period. In 30 BC Philadelphia was conquered by King Herod and became a member of the Decapolis (a confederation of ten Roman cities). Known as “Amman the white city” originally was spread over seven hills like Rome, nowadays its white houses are built on more than nineteen hillsides.

Visitor may roam among the diversity of the old and new Amman starting from the Citadel where we find the ruins of the Temple of Hercules, the Ommayad Palace, a Byzantine Church and the Jordan Archaeological Museum. Downtown one can visit the Roman Theatre, Jordan Folklore Museum, the Odeon, and the old Souq. Driving towards the new City of Amman you can stop at King Abdullah mosque completed in 1990 a memorial to King Hussein’s grandfather King Abdullah 1st . Wherever you go you will find a safe and clean city as Amman is one of the ten cleanest cities in the world.