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Jerash or Gerasa in ancient times, only forty-five minutes drive north of Amman. Has been inhabited for more than 2500 years and considered one of the best preserved and completed Graeco-Roman cities in the world. Jerash is one of the Decapolis a confederation of ten commercial Graeco-Roman cities during the 1st Century B.C. Among Jerash walls there are evidences from Bronze Age, Iron Age, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ummayad and Abbasid periods.

A visit to the city should cover the City Walls and South Gate, Oval Plaza, Colonnaded Street, the Churches, the Baths, South and North Theatres, the Temples, Hadrian’s Arch, Omayyad Houses and Omayyad Mosque.

Jerash Festival held Every July features among the ruins folklore dances, ballet, opera, concerts, exposition and sales of traditional handicrafts.